The Fortis Group of Companies

The Fortis Group like most small business started small, and has grown into a group of companies that can focus on specialised services for our clients while still retaining a broad skill base through.

Fortis One is a company that started in 2009 and has focussed on strategic business development and training.  With a high level of detail and customer focus, the business has grown and serviced many clients both domestically and internationally.  Fortis One also has strong links to indigenous communities, organisations and businesses throughout North Queensland and Cape York.

The Fortis Numbers part of our business group focusses on tax, management accounting and superannuation services.  With specialist roles in the company we have people who are experts in their field and can provide our clients with a high level of service.

In 2014 we moved both of our main business arms into the one premises in Buchan St, Bungalow.  The move was designed to allow us to continue to provide specialised services and advice to our clients and to give us the opportunity to draw on the strengths of our diverse team for our clients.  This approach has proven to be a real advantage for our clients who can now access different specialist advice in the same group and premises.